Chief Apostle Faiger M. Blackwell, Sr.,PhD

Chief Apostle Blackwell PhD, founded Pinnacle Ministries of Yanceyville, Inc. (PMY, Inc.) in December 2003.  The purpose of PMY, Inc. is to bridge the gap within the community and to bring together the “Purpose”, “Power”, and “Passion” of the Holy Spirit to demonstrate a Christian lifestyle that will empower individuals to impart, equip and engage everyone in Kingdom building. His Mission is to bring forth the Kingdom of God to the fullness in which He has been called.


Chief Apostle is the father of two children. His son Grea Blackwell graduate of Elon University, majoring in entrepreneurship, Certified Funeral Director. and Youth Minister at Pinnacle Ministries.  His daughter Alexandria is the proud parent of three beautiful sons, Erik Jr., Noah and Austin Mason.


Chief Apostle is an alumni of Winston-Salem State University, with a degree in Public Administration, M.A. Degree - Trinity Theological Seminary, a Doctorate Degree - Trinity Theological Seminary of South 

 Florida and an ordained apostle by Louis Nettles from Griffin, Georgia of Omnipotent Shepherd Full Gospel Deliverance Center.  Chief Apostle Blackwell runs a family owned funeral home in Burlington N.C. and has an extensive history of entrepreneurship, business and politics. Chief Apostle Blackwell has a passion for ministry and is one of the most compassionate people you will ever meet.

He has heard the call and his mission is to sound the alarm and prepare for the coming harvest.