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What is Urgent Care

What is Urgent Care?

Urgent Care is a delivery of biblical-based Spiritual care in a retreat facility dedicated to the personal  and emotional care of an individual, outside the common scope of practice of church environment. It is the purpose of Urgent Care to take you to the next level in Christ and expose you to new revelations of the Word of God and even about yourself.

What is Spiritual Care?

Spiritual Care is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, negative mindsets, and other physical or emotional impairments in the body of Christ. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Gift of Faith, we at Urgent Care expect and have experienced a true revolution of change in people's lives as well as our own lives.

We encourage you to step out in faith to experience a refreshing blast of newness in your life. Old mindsets, broken beliefs, false teaching, and boxes should be left at home. Come only with faith and an expectant heart and the Lord will do the rest.

What is our perspective?

We believe, that just as in the physical world injuries occur. These injuries must be fixed and repaired in order for a person to live a full and prosperous life. If you broke a bone in your arm, you would immediately go to the Hospital or an Urgent Care facility without hesitation. When you arrive the Doctor would assess and take the necessary steps to relieve any pain and repair the injury. Although it might take time to heal fully, the injury was corrected and set back in a place where it was possible for healing to occur.

Spiritual injuries occur as well, sometimes with even a more traumatic effect than a physical injury. Spiritual injuries like physical injuries, if not assessed and repaired will bring a life of pain and an inability to function and carry out normal life. When offenses come in our lives, do we treat them the same as physical injuries?  Do we rush to the "hospital" to make sure they are repaired. Offenses will always come, but we as the Body of Christ should treat our offenses the same as we would physical injuries, having them treated and repaired as soon as possible. But most times we do not do this and we carry around these injuries and we suffer in them for the rest of our lives.

As an avenue Urgent Care is aware of these injuries in people's lives. It is our mission and passion to repair and restore these "broken bones" of life to the fullness of what they were before the injury. Bringing brothers and sister of Christ to what they were called to be and place them in a position to cannon themselves into their own destiny.

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